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Définition : Devona, camp romain de Kintore, sur la rivière Don, en Aberdeenshire, Écosse.


Extrait de la carte Map of Roman Britain, de Ordnance Survey



* Rivet & Smith, p. 338 : 



- Ptolemy II, 3, 9 : Deouana (= DEVANA), a polis of the Taexali; Ravenna 10887 (= R&C 215) : DEVONI.

 We can be reasonably sure of the correct form. Holder I. 1276 analyses Ptolemy's name as Devana and refers Devoni to it; and it is true that an -ana suffix is known in a few British names, such as Crococalana. However, Jackson LHEB 34 regards Ptolemy's Deouana (= Devana) as an error for Deouona (= Devona), and in view of the fact that Devona is strongly paralleled elsewhere (and > Don), while Devana is not, he is surely right. Ptolemy may well have associated the place incorrectly with the Dee rather than thé Don; see p. 128. Ravenna then has the -o- correctly but has a miscopying of final -a as -i : compare Augusti 106,50 which we know to be for Augusta.

DERIVATION. Devona is properly a river-name, here transferred as often to the camp on its banks. The formation is as in ABONA, which contains the *-ona suffix. For the root, see DEVA (1). Continental analogues include Devona (Deouona in Ptolemy II, I I, 14) > Dewangen in Würtemburg; Divona Cadurconrum (Cadurcis > Cahors, Lot, France) ; a river Divona > Divonne (Ain, France) ; and a goddess Divona (text : Dibona) in the Gaulish Rom text, Dottin LG 43, together with two springs mentioned by Holder I. 1275 and Whatmough DAG 455-56 (citing Ausonius).

IDENTIFICATION. The Roman camp at Kintore, Aberdeenshire (NJ 7816), on the river Don.

Blason : 



- Ordnance Survey : 

a) Map of roman Britain

b) Map of Antonine's wall.

* A.L.F Rivet & Colin Smith : The place-names of Roman Britain. Batsford Ltd. 1979-1982 

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